Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

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Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

It’s finally summertime and kids everywhere are jumping for joy at the thoughts of staying up late, sleeping in and playing video games all day. Consequently, we have parents everywhere that wondering just what the heck they’re going to do with these hyper kids all summer long. I remember those days. You’re excited to spend time with them and you’re also dreading it just a little. Oh, it’s okay. You can admit it. We all feel the same way. Today we will come up with some ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

I remember the days when my kids were in school. All they wanted to do was to have someone over, go somewhere, or sit in front of the TV with a game controller in their hands for hours. It seemed to be a challenge to find something that they both wanted to do…at the same time.

Plan Your Day

Planning your day in advance will help out in a number of ways. I recommend planning a week in advance. First of all, it will get the kids excited. They will have something to look forward to. I like having a calendar on the refrigerator. You could even plan lunches for the week and put them on the calendar as well as the daily activities. I think it’s great to keep kids on a consistent schedule. That way it won’t be so hard when the first day of school rolls around. Kids really do like schedules. They may not ever admit it but they do.

Below are some of my recommendations. Having lived (and survived) through those years, I’ve gained a little insight and a lot of hindsight. I was a young Mom and not all that wise. Looking back there are a lot of things that I wish I’d have done differently with my kids. The main thing is to make fun memories and to keep them active and keep the electronic out of their hands! Also, keep them on a consistent sleeping schedule. I remember my kids sleeping half the day away sometimes. At the time I was okay with it as bad as that sounds. While it gave me time to get my work done I regret it now. I wish I had planned more activities.


When I say activities I don’t mean going to a lot of expensive places. I don’t think that’s good for kids either. I know some parents that are always trying to come up with the next great fun place to take their kids to. The next more grand and expensive than the last. They are constantly trying to “top the last trip”. This behavior only spoils kids in my opinion. They shouldn’t be raised to think that they have to always be going somewhere grand or expensive. Those trips are great and I think they should be taken, however, the best memories are made when you’re one on one with your kids. The things that actually cost the least most of the time end up being the most memorable to the kids.

Indoor Activities

  • Board Game
  • Color
  • Watch a Movie
  • Read a Book
  • Bake Cookies
  • Paint
  • Build a Fort
  • Make a Craft
  • Play Cards
  • Go to the Library
  • Puzzles

Outdoor Activities

  • Play Ball
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Water Balloons
  • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Plant Flowers
  • Grow Some Vegetables
  • Lawn Games
  • Have a Picnic
  • Go to the Park
  • Go Swimming

Get Kids Involved With Cleaning

I know this sounds crazy but you can actually give them chores to do and then reward them at the end of the day for their┬ácontribution. Some kids really love to help around the house. My youngest nephew loves working! It’s crazy but he actually asks for things to do…Why couldn’t he have been my kid?

Another great thing about having the little ones help out is that it teaches them responsibility. I stayed at home with my kids when they were young and I ended up doing everything for them. I thought I was making life good for them but it was actually a disservice to them. That’s definitely one thing I wish I could go back and change.

And it goes without saying, getting those kids to help out with chores will take a little of the load off you!


Volunteering with the kids is another awesome thing to do. You could pick up trash at your local park or ball field. Animal shelters are another option depending on the age of your children, of course. Another great thing is to go to your local nursing home or assisted living facility and spend some time with the residents. If you contact the facility administrators they will most always allow visitors to come in to read to the residents or to bring them baked goods.


Whatever it is that you decide to do, Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer! I hope that you have an amazing fun-filled summer with your kids and all your family!