Tips on Losing Weight or Maintaining Your Current Weight

Losing weight or even just maintaining your current weight can be a big challenge. Most of us live a hectic life and are always on the go either working or taking care of our jobs and responsibilities at home. Let’s face it, taking care of ourselves usually fall to the bottom of the priority list. In this article Tips on Losing Weight or Maintaining Your Current Weight, I have put together some tips and ideas on how to make sticking to a plan of healthy, low calorie eating a little easier.

There are many diet plans out there but most of them are expensive. They try to sell you their prepackaged meals and shakes and try to convince you that you need to buy their supplements in order to be successful and lose the weight for good. While those diets do sometimes work, usually as soon as you are at your goal weight and return to trying to maintain on your own your weight begins to creep right back up. There are multiple reasons why this happens but the bottom line is this; you truly must change your lifestyle and your relationship with food.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an LPN and I worked in endocrinology for several years and we had so many patients that came to us for weight loss. Most of them thought that something had to be wrong with them physically. They couldn’t believe that their weight was due to their diet. I heard so many people say, “I really don’t eat that much”. This is why I recommend that you start right now, today and keep a food journal. This is an easy thing to do and let me tell you, it is a real eye-opener for people. Lots of times we don’t remember everything that we eat during the day. I’m guilty of it myself. We get busy, we get hungry and we grab the first thing that we see and let’s face it. It usually isn’t something healthy. That leads me to my next tip.

Get all the junk food and processed food out of the house. Go ahead and do it now. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking; I can’t throw food away. You don’t have to throw it away. You can donate the food to someone in need. Your local food shelter or donation center would love to take it off your hands. Next, starting today I want for you to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. This is two quarts and it’s really not that hard to do. I always recommend measuring it out in advance. That way you know what you have left and you don’t have to guess how much you’ve drunk. I also recommend that you stick to water only. There is a lot of controversy regarding artificial sweeteners but I won’t go into that now.

Okay, so far we have talked about starting a food journal, getting the junk and processed foods out of your house, and drinking two quarts of water daily.  For the food journal, you can use anything you currently have at home. No need to get fancy unless you want to.  If you have an old notebook lying around use that. Some of you might want to use an actual hardcover journal. You can even use printer paper and keep it in a folder.Whatever works for you. This journal is for your eyes only. No one else even needs to know about it.

At the end of your first full day of keeping your food journal, I want for you to sit down and look back over the day. You’ll need to look up the actual calorie content of the foods that you have eaten. This will only take a few minutes of your time and trust me, you’ll be glad you did it. For those of you who have smartphones, I think that’s pretty much everyone these days, you can download one of the calorie tracking apps. My favorite is My Fitness Pal. You can enter the food that you had and it tracks the calories for you. This will give you the starting point to make the changes that I know you so want to make.

Don’t forget to throw that junk and processed food out of your pantry. It’s no good for you so you don’t need it around. Also, start to drink two quarts of water daily. This is easy and inexpensive. Use a container and measure it out so that you know where you stand. If you start early in the day, it’s no problem at all. Drink a glass as soon as you get up. Water keeps you hydrated and helps you to burn calories efficiently. Without it, weight loss is slowed.

This gives you a starting point to reach your goals. In future posts, I will give you some ideas on eating and exercise plans that will really kick your weight loss into high gear and you can get it all at your local grocery store. No need to do any of the fad diets or spend hundreds of dollars for weight loss plans. You can do this on your own and I’m more than happy to help 🙂

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